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Welcome to our home page...

Hi, we're Arkwright!  A first year band from Richard Huish college in Tauton, UK.  We are,...

Cod - Vocals

Tom - Lead Guitar

Bob - Rythm Guitar

Donald - Bass

Tom - Drums

Have a look around our sight - and please sign the guest book!

MP3's available upon request - email me!

Listing Site Updates and Set List...

Only just started building the site, so lots of updates happening all the time!  We'll keep you posted though....

COMPLETE SET (as of 7/01/05)

Arkwright - Loophole Called Life

Arkwright - Last Minute

Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times

Led Zeppelin - Black Dog

Incubus - Meglomaniac

Incubus - Circles

Incubus - Drive

Incubus - Wish You Were Here

Thrice - See You In The Shallows

Hoobastank - Out of Control